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Gallery Photos are available for download (with either a commercial or private use license) and prints and other products may also be purchased and can be shipped anywhere in Europe and wider (excluding the USA & Canada). The prints and other products are professionally produced and sent to you directly from One Vision Imaging (one of the largest professional photo laboratories in the UK and Europe). Note that all images are individually edited and enhanced once selected for purchase so there is a delay before they are available for download.  If you wish to see the images you are interested in processed before purchasing please contact us.  More images may be available of some events - again, please contact us if you are looking for a specific rider or pony/horse.

As well as photographing at equestrian events both large and small, we also do horse, dog and other pet photography - capturing them outside in their owner's favourite locations for beautiful and memorable pictures.


Contact Philippa on +44 (0) 7999 297424 for more information and to book a session.